Manny Bello is a well respected business executive, serial entrepreneur, thought leader, investor and philanthropist.

Manny is the co-founder of Maven Partners and a peerless force in the evolution of angel investing. His instinctive insights into the worlds financial markets has allowed him to be successful in investing since he began doing so in 1986.

With his diverse experience, he has mastered the art of business growth through creatively challenging the norm and transforming businesses by taking an entrepreneurial approach to technological development, and innovation over the last two decades.
His unique skill set has propelled various organizations to the forefront of their industries by means of an acutely designed index of effective sales strategies, impactful marketing campaigns and a potent network of valuable relationships. His unparalleled thought leadership and powerful contributions to burgeoning and thriving global brands have been critical in redefining the landscape of growing corporate entities.

Despite his great success, Manny has been grounded by his family. Manny is forever a family man to his loving wife and three beautiful daughters. His family has helped him stay humble throughout his career. They instilled him the ability to embrace his failures while pushing him to move forward as his goal in life is to leave a lasting legacy for his family.
Despite being the consummate professional, Manny has built an illustrious career further augmented by spirited engagement in philanthropic endeavors, which is marked by the momentous launch of The Bello Family Foundation.